We are going today with some interesting information that we have been collecting from among all the cosmetic tips that we have offered you throughout this year.

  1. There are three factors responsible for skin aging:
    • Age or time-aging
    • Sun or photo-aging
    • Hormonal aging that intervenes in menopause.
  1. When you apply a body cream, you should apply a greater amount of product to the driest areas such as elbows, knees, and heels.
  2. The concern for physical appearance stands out more in the attitude of Spanish women than in that of men, although this characteristic changes and evolves over time.
  3. The skin endures the constant dryness of the desert better than the sudden changes of the city (poor ventilation, air conditioning, heating)
  4. 23% of women report having dry skin, and 68% say they have sensitive skin.
  5. Pollution and tobacco smoke steal oxygen from skin cells, giving the skin a sad, dull, and aged appearance.
  6. The skin needs water inside and out. Drinking two liters of water daily when you do not have a sec, or it is cold, is not easy, but infusions are a valid alternative.
  7. Luminosity is a keyword in cosmetics. When we want to have our own light, there are almost magical products, but a cleaning and treatment routine is also needed.
  8. 13 million women regularly wax, a figure that exceeds the average.
  9. Everything you do, including your diet, stress level, cosmetics you use, plays a very important role in how you age.
10 Tricks Of Interest From The World Of Cosmetics

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