For a first date it is advisable to follow these makeup tips:

  • Prepare the skin: to remove impurities and to make the skin look smooth and without blemishes, you can exfoliate two days before the appointment. It is also recommended to apply a mask to hydrate the face.
  • Base: you must choose a color similar to the skin tone to avoid the masking effect. It is best to spread the base with a brush, as this will result in a more uniform result. You have to be careful and blend the base down and towards the dark circles well so that the skin of the neck and face do not have different tones. It’s also important to choose a durable, sweat-resistant product.
  • Concealer: you have to use the most appropriate shade to hide dark circles, pimples.
  • Eyes: the best thing is to look for simplicity. Outline only the bottom or top edge of the lines, drawing a fine line of black or chocolate brown. Use a pencil instead of liquid eyeliner to make it look smoother. As for the shade, choose a light and discreet shade, such as peach, soft pink, or beige. If the appointment is at night, you can bet on a somewhat darker shade. You can also add a little highlighter to the tear and under the eyebrows to open your eyes.
  • Cheeks: To highlight the cheekbones and sweeten the face, apply blush in pink or peach. It is not convenient to use it in large quantities, but simply give a light touch to achieve a natural blush.
  • Eyelashes: Before applying the mask, use a curling iron to arch them and open your eyes. It is recommended not to abuse the mask and apply only one or two layers, always zigzag to avoid lumps.
  • Lips: it is not advisable to bet on lipstick of dark or red color since this color is too daring. In addition, strong lipsticks can stain the teeth, something that is not very aesthetic. It is best to bet on ‘nude’ tones, pinks, or glitters. Using a brush to apply the lipstick will last longer. When it comes to applying makeup, remember that you should only highlight one area of ​​the face or lips or eyes. Therefore, if you wanted to highlight the look, try to be more subtle in the use of lipstick.

Makeup can be completed with a light and pleasant perfume, which is not too strong. Likewise, it is essential to have clean and well-groomed nails.

Perfect Makeup For A First Date

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