There are no better authors to write about the advances in any field than those who are actively shaping it. The editors of this text combine nearly 8 decades of clinical experience to provide the most current and comprehensive approach to evaluating and managing facial trauma. True to its subtitle, this book covers everything from the first encounter with the patient with facial trauma in the emergency department all the way through final reconstruction.

The authors include increasingly relevant topics in the field, such as intraoperative imaging, virtual surgical planning, and vascularized composite allotransplantation, that previously may have been considered tangential but are now integral to modern facial trauma surgery. In our increasingly digital world, the book appropriately includes an easy-to-use electronic book, which includes a collection of high-quality videos that walk the viewer through many of the evaluation methods, clinical examination findings, and surgical techniques that are described in the text.

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Review of Facial Trauma Surgery: From Primary Repair to Reconstruction

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